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Sermon Reflection - The Art of Fishing

Posted by Adeliyn Lim on

The sermon this week was quite heavy on evangelism. It’s uncomfortable to say the least for me as the result of a spiritual gifts survey had revealed quite rightly that evangelism is not my forte. But as Reverend Miles pointed out, not all of us are cut out to be evangelists. Each of us do...

Sermon Reflection - The Call to Action

Posted by Wendy ML Tan on

Last week, I mentioned to my Ignite teammates, "Creation Care is not my forte."  The phrase still lingers on my mind one week on. It dawned on me that saying it propagates my ignorance to grow in awareness about Creation Care and limits my conviction to act upon it. It is both a complacency...

Sermon Reflection - The TOP of the Staff

Posted by May Ng on

I love the fresh revelation God gave me through Pr Bill Wilson’s sermon over the weekend. From being a mobility aid to something that represents status and authority or even a defensive tool, I have come to learn that the staff is also used to record God’s deeds in one’s...

Sermon Reflection - Methodism Distinguished

Posted by Adeliyn Lim on

John Wesley was neither the first nor the last person to have a heartwarming encounter with God. He was not the only remarkable preacher in history. Everything he did from exhorting the masses to repent and believe, to ministering to the poor and needy was from the Bible. What he did was what...

Sermon Reflection - Being With Jesus

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

We all go through different seasons in our lives. Jesus also went through childhood and adulthood like us. But as an adult His response to His Father in Heaven is a blood covenant which He would not trade for the water of the womb here on earth. For His covenant with His Father is a pledge of...